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Almost every homeowner dreams of having their house look beautiful and with a great exterior.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are a plethora of different styles and types of exterior coverings to choose from when building or remodeling your home.

​You can select materials such as wood, stucco, vinyl siding, EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems), stone veneer, fiber cement siding among many others.​

Professional Siding Installation When You Need It

​Regardless of what siding option you pick it is important that you hire a qualified professional siding contractor to install the chosen material for you. This way you will be able to know that your investment not only looks fantastic but also functions properly.

​Like with other trades, such as fencing, insulation, roofing and paver installation, there are many reasons why hiring a professional home siding contractor such as Wesley Chapel Siding would be beneficial. Most importantly, you would not have to worry about being scammed or getting low quality materials that will look bad after only a short period of use.

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Wesley Chapel Siding did an excellent job installing vinyl siding on our home just outside Zephyrhills. Couldn't be happier with their service.

Tim, Zephyrhills



We hired Wesley Chapel Siding for some large repair jobs we needed doing when updating an old apartment complex and they really came through for us.

John, Wesley Chapel



My husband and I decided to update our old shaker siding with Hardie board. Wesley Chapel Siding gave us some great options and a great price!

Allie, Tampa


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Leave it to your local siding company

​There are also certain elements of the exterior covering installation process that only professionals with experience can handle correctly. For instance, cutting around obstacles such as vents or chimneys is often very difficult, so it frequently requires expertise in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Another reason why professional siding contractors is recommended is their ability to install the chosen material properly and to prevent any future problems related to water intrusion or moisture damage. Professionals know which products are suitable for each location and how they should be installed in order to prevent issues like bubbling, cracking or mildew.

Siding to match existing colors, designs & textures

Another great benefit is the ability to match the exterior covering with the existing color schemes, styles and materials of your home. You would not want a sharp contrast between material types or colors that clash with each other, so hiring professionals ensures that there will be no surprises once they are done working on your place.

Finally, professional siding contractors have access to all different products available on the market including custom mixed colors, specialty textures and species of wood. This way they can make sure you get everything you ever dreamed of for your home, even if it's something unusual like mahogany made vinyl siding.

Choosing the right siding material for the job

​Before deciding whether you should hire professionals to install your chosen type of exterior covering, you need to know what type of material is best suited for your home.

​In order to do this it is important that you consult with a
local professional such as Wesley Chapel Siding as we can determine the material that will look and function best as well as making suggestions based on your personal preferences.

Shop around the for right siding company

After figuring out which type of exterior covering you want, pick at least three professional contractors and compare their prices and credentials. It is also a good idea to ask each siding contractor about references and talk to them about past projects they've done (especially similar ones) so you can get an idea about their expertise, communication skills and work ethic.

​​Ask for quotes from different contractors in order not only to find the best deal possible, but to find the contractor you feel will complete the job to your expectations, before starting any construction or remodeling.

Vinyl siding

Select the best contractor for your siding project

And finally, whether it be siding, gutter cleaning, air duct cleaning, pressure washing, fencing, roofing services, tree care, towing, or any other service, don't be afraid to walk away from a contractor if you are not satisfied with their work or communication skills, no matter how much money they are offering for the job because it is simply not worth it.

​To find out more about our services visit our Services page, or contact us today at (813) 680-2749 to discuss your needs and to schedule a free estimate.

The importance of choice

There are a huge number of siding options to choose from, and the wrong choice can be disastrous. Of course you will want to use materials that suit your budget, but do not forget about other factors such as durability, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness in the long run. For example, if it is going to take extra effort on your part every year to maintain a certain type of siding, then perhaps you should invest more money for better quality.

Siding to match your climate

In addition to considering what you want aesthetically, think about how important durability is. You might like the look of cedar over brick (which is great), but would you like it less if your walls turned green after 5 years? ​

Another major factor to keep in mind when choosing the right siding is the climate of your location. Some materials will hold up much better than others against sun exposure, heat and rain, so be sure that you choose wisely depending on where you live. As a basic rule of thumb:

- Humid climates: clay brick and wood (avoid redwood)

- Moderate climates: aluminum and vinyl siding

- Dry climates: veneer stone, fiber cement and brick

Vinyl siding

Ask your neighbors about their siding

You may also want to consider hiring an expert or consulting with friends and neighbors who have siding installed on their houses.

​Don't be afraid to ask them about challenges they encountered, what they would do differently next time, etc.

Wesley Chapel Siding suggests that, if possible, the best thing to do (once you've determined which type of siding is the most appropriate) is to get samples of the various options and hold them up against your home at different angles until you figure out which one suits it best.

Siding materials that fit your needs

For instance, if you live in a cold environment where snow accumulates quickly, make sure that the material you choose will not accumulate ice due to poor drainage/inadequate pitch (for roofs). That means brick might not be the right choice for you.

​The right siding can really increase your home's value without too much additional work on your part, so make sure to choose the correct material for your location and climate! For your free estimate, contact Wesley Chapel Siding today at (813) 680-2749.

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