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Wood siding

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​Wood siding is a great way to improve the look of your home. Wood provides a beautiful, natural accent that can't be found in other materials.​

Wood siding is a great choice for any homeowner because it has been used as an exterior material for centuries, from Colonial-era homes to those built today.

​It's always been known as one of the highest quality building products available and continues to be so.

​In fact, wood siding is still popular with homeowners who want a product that will last for decades and enhance their home's appearance.

Wood siding offers beauty and variety

Wood siding comes in many different styles and finishes, including exclusive varieties that feature variations in color, grain and knots for a unique, rustic look. And our products are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, ensuring that you'll enjoy lasting beauty and protection.

Wood sidings are made from either hardwood or softwood species known to be rot-resistant. Some wood siding products are available with built-in insulation that will allow property owners to save on energy costs. Beyond their durability, wood sidings are also very versatile because they come pre-primed so there is no need for additional priming before painting or staining.

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Wood siding: the discerning homeowner's choice

Many homeowners are opting for wood siding installation in their houses. When selecting the exterior of a house, most people choose materials such as stone and brick. However, over the past few years many homeowners have started to opt for wood siding to give their homes a warm and natural look.

While not everyone can afford such an investment, having wood siding installed on your home will add significant value when you want to sell it. This is because environmentally-friendly materials such as wood continue to rise in popularity with house buyers.

Wood siding offers timeless aesthetics

Additionally, while less expensive alternatives like vinyl come in almost limitless patterns and colors, they still rarely match older homes that were built using traditional materials in terms of durability and protection. In fact, a study carried out in the USA showed that wood siding is one of the most durable materials around.

Wood siding requires simple maintenance

Another great advantage offered by the installation of wood siding is that homeowners can maintain it just like they would their exterior paint. This means you will never have to worry about hassles such as peeling, cracking or bubbling which are typical problems with vinyl or aluminum because these materials cannot be painted and do not stand up well against extreme weather conditions.

​While wood does require a bit more maintenance than vinyl, homeowners will find that the peace of mind they gain is well worth any extra effort. Wood siding installation also has the advantage of being easier to repair than other materials because it can be sanded down and refinished whenever necessary. This saves homeowners the cost and inconvenience of having to replace an entire section if there are just a few scratches.

Wood siding offers durability

Lastly, wood is generally much sturdier than vinyl which means you will not have to worry about it becoming dented or ripped in case your dog runs through the fence and knocks against it.

​If this does happen, however, you can rest assured knowing that wood won't crack like vinyl or aluminum would under pressure from strong forces such as hail or wind storms.

Although wood siding gives your home a more expensive look, it is important to keep in mind that this material does not last forever. It can be expected to last anywhere between fifteen and thirty years if properly maintained.

With a little care, the beauty of wood siding endures

This means you will have to re-coat or refinish at least once every five to ten years (depending on the type of wood) after which time you should still expect it to stand up well against weather conditions for another few years at least. For more information on our wood siding products, contact Wesley Chapel Siding at (813) 680-2749 today!

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