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Metal siding is a professional, modern alternative to the traditional wood siding. It offers benefits such as reduced maintenance and energy efficiency with no extra costs.

It can be installed on any structure - from small homes to large industrial buildings, giving them a professional look that everyone will admire.

Metal siding's professional look gives it an edge over other materials like vinyl and wooden sidings, but if you're most concerned about durability and energy-efficiency, metal siding is your best bet.

​You'll be surprised how affordable it is for all the benefits you receive when you hire Wesley Chapel Siding to install or repair it for you!

Metal: a professional siding material

Metal siding is a professional, modern alternative to traditional wood siding available on small homes to large buildings for professional look and energy-efficiency. Professionally installed metal siding offers several benefits such as reduced maintenance and energy efficiency without any additional costs.

Metal siding improves the professional look of a structure with no additional costs, besides its low durability compared to other materials like vinyl and wooden sidings. ​Offered by professional contractors such as Wesley Chapel Siding who can install or repair it on any structure from small homes to large industrial buildings for professional look and easy installation.

A brief history of metal siding

​The incorporation of metal siding in homes began with the use of aluminum siding, which still remains popular today. However, over time metal siding has become more expensive and homeowners are seeking lower cost materials.

In time, the use of metal siding used in homes began to incorporate steel paneling which was first introduced to the market in the 1940s. It was found that this type of metal siding required professional installation, just as today's professional contractors will attest.

Mid-century metal siding

In 1954, a new type of steel paneling was created using painted galvanized steel for improved durability and strength, along with pre-drilled fastening holes so it could be installed faster without professional help. However, modern use of steel siding began to dwindle because homeowners discovered that it was not as resistant to dents and scratches as the other metal siding products that were introduced.

The use of metal siding shifted again in 1961 with the appearance of an aluminum paneling that was made into either vertical or horizontal ribbons. This product had a distinct advantage over its predecessors because you could remove damaged sections and replace them, instead of having to re-skin an entire wall if only one panel was damaged.

Homeowners also discovered they could install this type of metal siding themselves, which led professional contractors to incorporate these new materials into their business model. This same material would find itself becoming more affordable in the 1980s due to advances in technology, which allowed manufacturers to produce vast quantities at lower costs. This meant professional metal siding installation was no longer needed and homeowners could install it themselves, which would further reduce the cost.

The history of metal siding in homes comes full circle back to today's state of aluminum paneling that many professional contractors use. These contractors choose this product for their customers because it costs less than steel paneling and is easier to install without professional help.

The benefit of this type of metal siding is that it comes with a solid warranty and gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they won't have to replace or repair aluminum paneling if there are problems. It is also important to compare the previous types of metal siding used in homes over time and how much better modern technology has made them in terms of durability, efficiency, easy-of-installation, and affordability.

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