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Vinyl siding is a popular protective material that provides homes and businesses with durable, low-maintenance protection; however, it's also much more than that!

​Vinyl siding consists of an aluminum shield covered by vinyl panels. This exterior covering protects against severe weather like rain or snow while allowing the building to "breathe" in order to maintain optimal temperatures inside.

Read on to learn more about vinyl siding, or contact us today for more information or your free quote!

Vinyl siding installation

With the proper installation - performed by a professional siding contractor you trust, like Wesley Chapel Siding - your home's foundation will be protected year after year against damage due to weather conditions.

One major benefit of vinyl siding is the low maintenance cost necessary because there are no paint jobs required for its upkeep. Vinyl doesn't rust or peel, so it can be a great money saver over the years. When professionally installed it also offers excellent insulating properties, which reduces energy costs and saves you money on your utility bills!

The benefits of vinyl siding

Another major benefit of vinyl siding is the way it improves curb appeal, as there are countless colors and styles to choose from that will match any home's exterior. In addition to providing increased style options, vinyl also enables homeowners to have more variety in their choice of house trim because it comes in a wide range of widths.

When searching for a contractor to install your new vinyl siding, you need to make sure they're on your side and offer an excellent warranty so that repairs and replacements don't become a hassle. Wesley Chapel Siding has you covered.

More benefits of vinyl siding:

- It's 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan

- Has many different styles and colors available

- Doesn't have to be painted over time, saving you money on upkeep costs

- Blocks out 90% or more of all UV radiation

- Enhances your home's energy efficiency by blocking air infiltration through your foundation

Vinyl siding also provides added insulation during colder months, so it can help reduce heating bills! To learn more about these exterior coverings, contact Wesley Chapel Siding today.

A brief history of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding has been a very popular choice for homeowners in the USA since its introduction in the 1950s. This type of house cladding is less expensive than other options such as wooden siding, brick, cement and stone. Vinyl was also relatively simple to install compared with other materials that required more workmanship skills and time to place them on houses.

Vinyl was an economical material that could be found everywhere due to mass production and large-scale distribution. It made vinyl one of the best choices for homeowners who wanted their homes to look modern without spending too much money.

During its initial years, vinyl siding was not very different from other types of house cladding. They were made with the same materials that traditional wood or aluminum siding used to be made of - solid planks pressed together and formed into smooth patterns that often came in various tones, light colors and textures.

However, it did not take long for vinyl siding manufacturers to realize that they could make money by selling less expensive house-claddings to homeowners who were looking for a way to reduce their cost during repairs and renovations.

Vinyl siding manufacturing

Vinyl manufacturers began finding ways on how they could produce cheaper inner materials that would then be covered with an exterior layer to imitate other types of house cladding materials. By the 1960s, vinyl siding companies marketed their products as a replacement for old and classic wooden siding designs, mostly because they were able to make vinyl exteriors look like wood.

By introducing printed patterns on their vinyl siding, manufacturers made them even more difficult to distinguish from real wood or stone material. These printed patterns became more common in the 1970s where manufactured boards were now available with various decorations that imitated such textures as cedar shingles.

In addition to printed patterns, some vinyl manufacturers also added texture features onto their exterior boards. They did this by embossing vinyl boards with various ridges and grooves that could imitate milled wooden boards. These new vinyl materials were then given names like "wood-look siding" or "faux cedar".

Many manufacturers also started offering pre-painted exterior boards in the 1970s, which made it possible for homeowners to choose from hundreds of different color combinations. Other than enhancing their appeal, these patterns added resistance against staining and scuffing.

However, not all of the vinyl material was intended to mimic real wood materials. Some manufacturers started adding various colors on their products' borders, creating more personalization choices for homeowners who had more creative ideas about what they wanted their to look like. This idea also gave birth to the modern concept of vinyl siding renovation, where homeowners can easily change colors without worrying about costly repairs.

Vinyl as a widespread siding material

The wide variety of exterior patterns made it possible for manufacturers to make vinyl products that could imitate almost any type of house cladding material. This advantage also made it easier for them to sell their products both in the USA and other parts of the world.

By the 1980s, major American vinyl companies started shifting their attention to international markets as they began exporting their products to countries like New Zealand and Australia. However, not all nations welcomed this type of man-made board because many traditional-minded people believed that vinyl siding lacked character and should therefore be removed from a building.

To learn more about vinyl siding or for a free estimate, contact Wesley Chapel Siding today!

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